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Yacht Delivery Captain Asia, Hong Kong,Philippines, malaysia

History Of YDS Yacht Delivery

FPB 64 'Avatar'

Yacht Delivery Solutions

 Multiple deliveries on this vessel. NZ to Asia. Asia to San Diego.  

Sundeer 64 'Raven'

Delivered by Captain Nico

 Numerous passages. NZ to San Diego. NZ to Panama. Several shorter passages.  

Hans Christian 44

Hong Kong Yacht Delivery

Delivery Hong Kong to Subic Bay, Philippines. 2016.

MM 65. 'Mauliola'

Gunn boat delivered by captain

 Re fit and Sea Trials. New Zealand.  

Junneau 55 'Sarava'

Catamarran delivered by YDS

 Fiji to Tahiti Via New Zealand  

Joel White 75. 'Dragonera'

75ft Yacht delivered by Yacht Delivery Solutions

 USVIs to Newport Rhode Island via Bermuda. 

Dark Song 42ft

cutter delivered by captain

USVIs to Newport, RI. 2016

Beneteau Oceanis 40. Raddical Sabbatical.

Yacht delivery captain delivered

 Antigua to Ft Lauderdale via Bahamas  2007

Beneteau 44

Beneteau yacht delivery

Hong Kong To Cambodia

46ft Sloop

USA yachts delivered

Tahiti to Whangarei, NZ. 2014

Gulf Star 50. 'Enchantress'

Caribbean Yacht Delivery

Trinidad to Ft Lauderdale

Colvin 44. 'Tartaruga'

Pacific Yacht Delivery

 Tahiti to Singapore 2009

More Delivered Yachts

Flying Dutchman. 'Small World'

50ft Yacht Delivered by YDS

Yacht Delivery Fiji to The Philippines, Asia  2016

Baba 40. 'Toucan'

Yacht Delivered by YDS

 Southern Philippines to Northern Philippines  2017

Heart Song

Catamaran Delivered

Yacht Delivery in Langkawi