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Asia Delivery Skipper Fees

Yacht Delivery Costs

Various yacht delivery companies charge in a huge array of alternatives, some by the  mile, the day, including provisions, excluding fuel.

 It can be a  bewildering assortment of expenses that had not been  budgeted for.

 No one likes an unexpected bill when a price was agreed. At YDS we ensure our contract is straightforward and transparent with clear pricing.  A quote will be given and we stand by our word.  Days in port are not charged at  the full rate, therefore there is no reason to "hang out", plus we could  have other clients waiting.  First Mate and additional yacht delivery crew, if needed, will be determined by the size of the boat and passage.  

 All crew flights to and from the  vessel are the responsibility of the owner, as are the costs of fuel, port fees (customs, immigration, slip/mooring fees) and other necessary  fees.

 In the advent of any  unexpected incidents the owners will be informed and will be responsible  for any decision that is made.

  It is expected that all equipment  needed for a Asia delivery is on board. This includes, life jackets, life raft, charts and navigation equipment. 

In the event that  crew feel that the necessary equipment is not provided the owner will be  consulted and a list of options and prices will be provided.  

Prior to the quotation being  accepted we request information regarding the vessel in the form of  a questionnaire, this will ask if there is a recent survey, age and  condition of rigging and sails, last re-fit, photographs, when the  vessel was last used, and engine details.  

We will then plan an itinerary, and sign contracts prior to the yacht delivery skipper arriving.   

 If we can be of further assistance please contact us.  

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